Fishband Clamber Hyper Micro CR-HM06 BFS


Gear ratio: 6.6: 1
Weight: 150g
Ball bearings: 9 + 1
Drag power: 4.5kg
Line retraction: 70cm
Spool weight 7.7g
Line capacity: 0.16mm / 110m | 0.20mm / 70m | 0.23mm / 60m
Body and spool material: Aviation aluminium
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What is the CR HM06 all about?

The Fishband Clamber “Hyper Micro” (CR-HM06) is a specialist ultralight baitcasting reel – designed to accurately present the lightest lures in the “Bait Finesse System” (BFS) style of fishing. Spool-weight, bearings-quality and excellent brakes are of critical importance for this style of ultralight lure angling. The CR HM06 meets those requirements by using aviation grade aluminium for both the reel body AND the ultralight, shallow spool. In fact, only one other stock spool claims to be lighter than the CR-HM06 7.7g (with bearing)/ 6.14g (without bearing) spool. The high-quality Japanese SIC bearings combine with the ultra-adjustable magnetic braking system (offering 39, graduated settings) to provide brilliant light-lure casting performance – with reliable elimination and control over the dreaded baitcaster “back-lash”. Unlike most, more expensive, Japanese BFS reels, the CR-HM06 also features an audible drag that clicks when line is paid out to a running fish. This is in addition to the clicking drag-star, brakes and spool-tension adjustment dials. It achieves all this performance at less than half the cost of its most obviously comparable reels, so you can run pairs of these on separate rods (loaded with different lines) for less than the outlay needed for one competing reel.

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