The New Fishband Clamber Hyper Micro CR-HM06 BFS

Clamber Hyper Micro CR-HM06

“Reel body & ultralight spool of aircraft aluminium with audible drag clicker…”

Clamber Hyper Micro CR-HM06

“6.16g  – one of the lightest stock spools in the world…”

Welcome to the Fishband UK Shop

Premium Fishband Baitcasting Reels dispatched from inside the UK; serving the UK, Ireland and beyond. Your customer support, shipping & enquiries are handled in person – by owner and angling addict Andy – at our Nottinghamshire base.

We are UK based and our stock is UK landed. We are the proud importer of the new Clamber Hyper Micro CR-HM06.

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